When I taught myself how to juggle, I learned that you take it in steps. First step is to practice tossing one ball from hand-to-hand with a consistent arc and positioning. Toss catch. You need to be able to do it repeatedly while just watching out of the corner of your eye. Toss catch

Step two is to add a second ball in your other hand and do the same consistent arc. Toss the first ball right-to-left, and toss the second ball left-to-right just before the first one reaches the top of the arc: toss-toss catch-catch. It’s this two-ball motion you need to practice the most.

Now here’s the thing. When that toss-toss catch-catch motion feels incomplete, like there’s something missing at the end and you just want to keep going without that awkward pause you get after catching the second ball… that’s when you add the third ball. Suddenly you’re juggling, and the motion doesn’t feel incomplete any longer.

The sensation of that moment – when one motion feels incomplete – that’s the closest thing I can come to how I feel when something I’m using is well-designed well but has a lack someplace. It’s designed well enough that I can start to get into a groove: toss-toss catch-catch. But then something happens that incurs that awkward pause – and I start looking around for the equivalent of adding the third ball. How can I make it feel like a complete motion?

I guess I spend my time trying to find the things that help me juggle.